What is the Recommended BMW Tire Pressure?


The recommended BMW tire pressure for most models is 32 PSI (pounds per square inch). However, to make sure this is the proper level for your particular vehicle, you will want to take a look at the sticker on the inside edge of the driver’s door. Whether looking to check BMW X5 tire pressure, 3 Series tire pressure, or tire pressure on another model, the door panel of your BMW should contain this information. If it doesn’t, you can consult your owner’s manual. To keep your BMW tires in like-new condition for as long as possible, ensuring the proper BMW tire pressure is a must. The experts at the Pacific BMW service center have the details.

Why Proper Tire Pressure is Important

Properly inflated tires on your BMW can:

  1. Minimize the chance of a flat tire or a tire blowout on the roads of Los Angeles
  2. Reduce wear and tear on your tires by minimizing wheel spin and excess friction
  3. Improve fuel efficiency up to 3.3% according to the Department of Energy

How to Check BMW Tire Pressure in Glendale

Now that you know the importance of proper BMW tire pressure, you may be wondering how to check BMW tire pressure. It’s usually a similar procedure for most new vehicles in that most BMW models have a tire pressure monitor on the dashboard to alert you if the pressure is low digitally and provide readouts. If your tires are cold and it has been a while since your vehicle has been driven, your BMW tire pressure reading will be more accurate. Follow these steps for checking the BMW tire air pressure manually or if driving an older BMW:

  1. Unscrew the valve stem cap and place it in a safe location.
  2. Place a tire gauge onto the valve stem and firmly press down.
  3. The gauge will display the PSI. If the gauge reads 32 PSI (or the recommended PSI in your owner’s manual), you do not have to add any more air to your tires.
  4. Remove the gauge.
  5. If you have more than the recommended PSI, let some of the air out by pressing down the center plunger in the valve stem. Check the tire pressure once again to see if it is where it needs to be.
  6. If the PSI is below what’s recommended, add more air to the tires. Once again, check the pressure to see if there is now enough air in the tires.
  7. Replace the valve stem cap.

You can fill your tires at home with a car tire pump or even with a bike pump, or you can go to a gas station or service center. As a reminder, you should also check the tire pressure in your BMW spare tire once or twice a year.

How to Properly Maintain Your Tires

  1. Regularly perform a tire inspection. Be on the lookout for tread wear or cracks in the sidewalls.
  2. If you notice that the tire air pressure is consistently lower than it should be, a slow leak could be the culprit. You will want to have your tires looked at by a professional as soon as possible.
  3. Keep up to date with the recommended tire rotation and wheel alignment schedule in your BMW owner’s manual maintenance schedule.
  4. If cold weather hits suddenly, it can cause your tire pressure to decrease. When this happens, you may notice that your TPMS light is illuminated. If this is the case, add air to your affected tires as soon as you can.

Do You Have Tire Care Questions?

Do you have questions about how to use a tire pressure gauge or how to check tire pressure? The tire experts at Pacific BMW can help you check your BMW X5 tire pressure or BMW 7 Series tire pressure today. In fact, we’re tire experts and can service and diagnose tire issues on any BMW model. Contact us at your convenience, or set up a service appointment.

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