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    New BMW 7 Series

    If you’re looking for the true cream of the crop for your Los Angeles drive, you’ve found it in the new BMW 7 Series. This is the full-size sedan in the BMW Series models of sedans and it truly maxes you out in every category, representing a step up from the midsize 5 Series. The BMW 7 Series for sale at Pacific BMW is an absolute monster when it comes to performance; however, where it truly shines is in the stylings both inside and out. Want to get your hands and right foot on a new vehicle that’s ready to power you into wherever? Check out the BMW 7 Series in Glendale with Pacific BMW!

    What You’ll Find in the New BMW 7 Series

    • If you’re looking for power, you got it with this one! This is a vehicle with a finely tuned BMW engine, meaning when you hit the gas, you’ll get an instant response that will show everyone on the road your intentions.
    • The exterior of this vehicle is immaculately styled to just exude luxury. It’s aerodynamic, ergonomic, and aesthetic all in one and drivers in Hollywood would never mistake it for another vehicle.
    • On the inside, you’ll be in a world of comfort. The BMW 7 Series for sale here has a sterling interior that’s ready to guide you with navigation, keep you entertained with tunes, and keep you safe with an advanced safety suite.

    What About M?

    If you’re looking to truly upgrade to the big time, you’ll want to consider an M performance model sold at Pacific BMW. The already eye-popping stats get even better, as does the interior comforts and amenities. Want to discuss your options? Pacific BMW would love to walk you through it all.

    Find it All at Pacific BMW

    Burbank drivers who want the best of everything should come on over to Glendale and give our dealership a try! We’re right by everything and are always willing to help. Contact us today on our web form to get started.

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