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Learn About the BMW Active Lane Keeping & Traffic Jam Assistant

With the BMW Active Lane Keeping and Traffic Jam Assistant, your safety is enhanced and driving in crowded traffic is less of burden. The system assists the driver in keeping the vehicle in the center of the lane with steering corrections and a side collision prevention feature. Watch this video for an overview.

BMW Traffic Jam Assistant

The BMW Traffic Jam Assistant helps you maintain control of your vehicle in driving conditions where routine tasks are necessary but it’s hard to stay focused on the road, like in a traffic jam. This system can help you keep tabs on the car in front of you from inside your BMW at speeds up to 40 MPH. It is worth noting that the BMW Traffic Jam Assistant is a hands-on program, which means you must keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times for it to work.

BMW Active Lane Keeping Assistant

Though the BMW Traffic Jam Assistant and BMW Lane Keeping Assistant are both part of the BMW ConnectedDrive suite of BMW technologies, the BMW lane keeping assistant is more focused on keeping you in your lane safely at speeds up to 130 MPH. Here’s how it works:

  • Dynamic radar around the entire vehicle and front cameras monitor road and traffic patterns as well as lane markings
  • When you set the system in place, you must keep your hands on the wheel at all times, but the system will provide steering assistance to help you stay in your lane
  • In conjunction with BMW adaptive cruise control, this system can help you maintain a set distance not only between lane markers to your side, but also between your BMW and the vehicle in front of you

Learn More About Other Notable BMW Technology Features

The BMW Active Lane Keeping Assistant and BMW Traffic Jam Assistant are just two of the most notable BMW technology features available in the new BMW models for sale here at Pacific BMW! To learn about them all, from infotainment technologies to other safety features, just contact us! We can’t wait to help you make the most of your BMW ownership experience.