Pacific BMW understands that being without a vehicle while yours is in for service can be inconvenient. When scheduling a service appointment with us, you may request a Courtesy Vehicle (upon availability) to drive during the time your vehicle is here with us.

 If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Courtesy Vehicle policies, feel free to contact us at (818) 698 - 8761.

Pacific BMW Courtesy Vehicle Requirements:

  • All Documents must match for the person receiving the Courtesy Vehicle. Additional drivers must adhere to the same requirements and must be under the same insurance policy of the vehicle that was brought in for service.
  • Guests must be 21 or over, any guests under 21 must be the registered owner of the vehicle currently in for service
  • We will not provide a loaner to any guest under the age of 18, no exceptions
  • Guests must have a valid Driver's License, all States accepted
  • We will not accept copies of Driver's License
  • We will also not accept International Driver's License
  • Guests must have a Non-Expired Credit or Debit Card (there is no rental charge for our courtesy vehicles)
  • All Major Credit Cards are accepted (Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Discover)
  • Guests must have valid, non-expired insurance with customer's name
  • If the guest's name is not on the insurance card, a non-expired declaration page must be provided showing they are covered under the current policy
  • The VIN showing on the insurance card or declaration page must match the vehicle currently in for service
  • If the vehicle is covered under a Company Insurance, we will verify that this guest is covered under said insurance to approve authorization for our Courtesy Vehicle by receiving the declaration page, stating the guests' name picking up the Courtesy Vehicle. 

Pacific BMW Courtesy Vehicle Policies:

  • Smoking or having pets in our Courtesy Vehicles are prohibited, violation will result in a $125.00 detailing fee
  • Parking ticket/toll violations received while the vehicle is in your possession will result in the fees being paid and billed to your credit card on file plus an additional administration fee of $40.00
  • If the Courtesy Vehicle key and/or insert is lost, a replacement key and/or insert will be charged to your credit card at the retail rate determined by model plus and an additional administration fee of $50.00. Replacement keys are non-refundable once ordered
  • If the Courtesy Vehicle key is locked inside the vehicle, guests have the option to either pick up the spare from our dealership or, pay a $50.00 delivery service fee to have the key delivered. We will only deliver a key as long as the location of the car is within 12 miles of our dealership
  • Guests who do not return our Courtesy Vehicles within 12 hours of being notified their vehicle is ready will be charged a late fee of $79.95 for every day the vehicle is late
  • Guests who return our Courtesy Vehicles with fuel tanks less than what the vehicle was given out at will be charged $5.00 per gallon
  • Any Courtesy Vehicles being returned that require more than a normal wash and vacuum are subject to a $125.00 detailing fee
  • Guests are limited to 75 miles per day and subject to a $0.50 per mile charge in excess of allotted miles
  • Guests also agree to use our Courtesy Vehicles in a limited fifty(50) mile radius of Pacific BMW, vehicles are not to be taken out of state for any reason
  • Guests are responsible for their insurance deductible should they be involved in an accident, regardless of fault
  • Guests agree that any and all charges as described above may be applied to their credit card without further approval




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