2019 BMW i3 Glendale CA

Two 2019 BMW i3 Vehicles Driving by a Brick Building

If you live in the Glendale-area and desire the performance, luxury, and technological sophistication of a BMW — but in an eco-friendly package, then we encourage you to check out 2019 BMW i3 at Pacific BMW. With an eye towards sustainability, the all-electric 2019 BMW i3 raises the bar for electromobility with its increased range. On top of this, it’s fun-to-drive, boasts youthful styling, and offers a wealth of innovative technologies and premium features.

For the 2019 model-year, BMW is offering a new high-voltage battery for the i3, with an increased cell capacity of 120 ampere hours (Ah), along with an increased energy output of 42.2 kilowatt hours (kWh). The greater cell capacity and energy output of the 120 Ah battery results in an increased range of 153 miles. This is nearly double the original range of the BMW i3 and a 30% improvement over the BMW i3 with the 94 Ah battery.

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The new high-voltage battery and sophisticated electric motor combine to form the BMW eDrive system, which delivers high-level efficiency and emissions-free driving. The BMW i3 is not only eco-friendly when you drive it, for BMW takes an environmentally holistic approach during the entire lifecycle of the car, including raw material production, vehicle manufacturing, and finally with recycling it. Also, the BMW i3 isn’t just about efficiency and sustainability, for with the eDrive system, it boasts instant power delivery, with a 0 to 60 mph of 7.2 seconds, while the vehicle's precise steering and responsive handling make it very fun-to-drive.

Despite its compact size, the interior of the BMW i3 is roomy, with a 4-person seating capacity and a generous amount of legroom and headroom for each passenger. With the BMW iDrive 6.0 infotainment system, smartphone integration, and ConnectedDrive Services, the BMW i3 offers high-level connectivity. The BMW also offers many safety-enhancing driver assistance technologies, including Frontal Collision Warning with City Collision Mitigation, Daytime Pedestrian Protection, and Active Cruise Control.

Check out the eco-friendly and fun-to-drive 2019 BMW i3 at Pacific BMW!

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