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If you've been in an accident, or your car has suffered some kind of body damage, visit our professional autobody repair shop to get the repairs you need. At Pacific BMW's auto body repair in Glendale, CA, we will use all the newest technological advances in paint-matching and refinishing to make your car like new again.

Schedule an appointment onlie, or contact our BMW bodyshop directly at 888-578-3442 if you have any questions. We work with customers from Los Angeles and the surrounding communities of North Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Alhambra.


You chose an exceptional car when you decided to buy a BMW. Did your car insurance company make that decision for you? Of course not. But they want to tell you where to get it fixed if you're ever in an accident. You have the right to choose where you get body damage on your BMW repaired, so choose the best: Pacific BMW Collision Repair Center.

Do you know what the following items are?

  • Pressure-Feed Corrosion Protection Applicator
  • Three Phase Stud and Rivet Extractor for Aluminum
  • BASF Glasurit
  • T.I.S.

Apparently, neither does your insurance company. But these items are just a few of the products required to repair body damage to your BMW that an ordinary body shop is unlikely to have. Your BMW is not an ordinary car, so an ordinary body shop just won't do. In fact, an ordinary body shop can't fix your car without these items. No one can.

Pacific BMW Collision Repair Center

will use all of the above plus numerous BMW-specific tools available only through BMW North America and tools designed specifically for aluminum repairs to restore your BMW to factory specifications. Please note that not all BMW models have aluminum construction.

Your insurance company does not have the right to tell you where to take your vehicle for body repairs. If they try to tell you where to take your BMW, tell them you know you have the right to choose, so you're taking your car to Pacific BMW.

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